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Former Projects (2005-2022)

International Projects

DIPET - Distributed Stream Processing on Fog and Edge Systems via Transprecise Computing, 2020-2022, Chist-Era project (D. Petcu)

Dynamics, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017, 2018-2022

InnoHPC – High-Performance Computing for effective innovation in the Danube region, EU InterReg, 2017-2019

ML4EO - Machine Learning for Earth Observation, ESA Romanian National Industry Incentive Scheme, 2018-2020

GOVeIn - European Invoicing Project: implementation of the European electronic invoice within the Public Health area, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), 2016-2017

SESAME Net - Supercomputing Expertise for Small And Medium Enterprises, H2020-EINFRA, 2015-2017

VI-SEEM - a unified Virtual Research Environment for South Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, H2020-EINFRA, 2015-2017

Share-PSI 2.0 - PSI Directive and Open Data Best Practice Guidelines, CIP-TN, 2014-2016

HOST - High Performance Computing Service Centre, FP7 REGPOT-2011-1, 2012-2014

SCAPE – Scalability in preservation environments, FP7, 2013-2014

EGI-Inspire - Integrated Sustainable Pan European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe, FP7-RI, 2010-2014

HP-SEE - High Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe's Research Communities, FP7-RI, 2010-2012

SPRERS - Strengthening the Participation of Romania at European R&D in Software Services, FP7-CSA, 2010-2011,

SEE-Grid-Sci – SEE Grid Infrastructure for Regional eScience, FP7-eRI, 2007-2010

EGEE-III – Enabling Grids for eScience, FP7 INFSO RI, 2008-2010

Gisheo – On Demand Grid Services for High Education and Training in Earth Observation, ESA PECS, 2008-2010

VISP – Virtual Internet Service Provider, FP6 STREP, 2005-2009

EGEE-II – Enabling Grids for eScience, FP7 INFSO RI, 2006-2008

COST Actions

http://fractional-systems.eu/Fractional - Fractional-order systems - analysis, synthesis and their importance for future design, COST CA15225, 2016-2020

EnetCollect - European Network for Combining Language Learning with Crowdsourcing Techniques, COST CA16105, 2017-2021

NESUS - Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing, COST IC 1305, 2013-2018

CRONOS - Computationally Intensive Methods for the Robust Analysis of Non-Standard Data, COST IC 1408, 2014-2018

EU Structural funds

Infra Grid – Service oriented Grid Infrastructure, EU Structural Funds, POSCCE 2009-2011

IT Career - IT Practice Stages for Students, EU Structural Funds, POSDRU, 2014-2015

Cross-Border Projects

CBIES - Improving the capability of the Romanian and Serbian authorities of reacting in emergency situations, Romania-Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Priority axis no. 2, Measure no. 2.3, 2013-2014

Bilateral Projects

Sci Com - Scientific Computing Platform. Bilateral project Romania-Austria, 2009-2010

National Projects

BID - Big Data Science, PN-III-1.2.-PFE-2018 - October 2018- December 2020

BioAMR - Bioeconomic approach to antimicrobial agents - use and resistance, PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0361, April 2018- September 2020

BISMART - Applications for the decisional intelligence of the KPI indicators in data management systems for smart meters, PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2016-0090, 2016-2017.

AMICAS - Automated Management in Cloud and Sky Computing Environments, RO-PNII-ID-PCE, 2012-2016

Asistsys – Integrated System of Assistance for Patients with Severe Neuromotor Affections, RO-PNII, 2008-2011

SCIPA – Semantic Software Services for Collaboration and Inter-operability for Adaptive Business Processes, RO-PNII, 2008-2011

Pegaf – Grid-based experimental platform for developing applications based on workflows and with dynamic allocation of resources, RO-PNII, 2007-2010

Sipadoc – Integrated System for the Digitization and Capitalization of the Document’s Cultural Patrimony, RO-PNII, 2007-2010

NatComp – New Natural Computing Models in the Study of Complexity, RO-PNII, 2007-2010

NASR - Mathematical and computational modelling of crystal growth processes based on capillarity, Research Project Code 19550 PK, 2009-2010

NURC - Modeling of the Dewetted Bridgman crystal growth process - control of the monocrystal shape and dopant distribution, Research Project ID_131, 2009-2011

GridMOSI - Virtual Organization in Grid Technology for Modelling, Simulation and High Performance Optimization, RO-CEEX Project, 2005-2008

MedioGrid - Parallel and Distributed on Grid of Geographical and Environment Data, RO-CEEX Project, 2005-2008

MaternQual - Integrated System for Risk and Quality Assessment in Obstetrics, RO-CEEX Project, 2006-2008

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