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Current Projects

International Projects

DIPET - Distributed Stream Processing on Fog and Edge Systems via Transprecise Computing, 2020-2022, Chist-Era project (D. Petcu)

HARMONIA - Development of a Support System for Improved Resilience and Sustainable Urban areas to cope with Climate Change and Extreme Events based on GEOSS and Advanced Modelling Tools, H2020-LC-CLA-2020-2 / RIA, 2021-2024 (M. Neagul, C. Bonchis)

SERRANO – Transparent Application Deployment in a Secure, Accelerated and Cognitive Cloud Continuum, H2020/RIA, 2021-2023 (S. Panica)

Dynamics, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017, 2018-2022

COST Actions

EuroProofNet - European Network on Formal Proof, COST Action CA20111, 2022-2026

HiTeC - Text, functional and other high-dimensional data in econometrics: new models, methods, applications, COST Action CA21163, 2022-2026

National Projects

SAGE - A Symbiosis between Satisfiability Verification, Graph Neural Networks and Symbolic Computation, PNIII-TE, 2022-2024 (M. Erascu)

ROTLA - Transliteration of 19th century Romanian texts written in the transitional alphabet using machine learning, PNIII-PED, 2022-2024 (M. Frincu)

SCAMP-ML - Advanced computational statistics for planning and monitoring production environments, POC/163/1/3/, 2022-2023 (F. Micota)

FUSE4DL – Deep Learning using geospatial data fusion, PNIII-PED, 2020-2022 (M. Neagul)

CERES - Classification software module of asteroids in satellite imagery using machine learning, PNIII-PED, 2020-2022 (M. Frincu)

Cloud2Energy - Cloud dynamics using cloud computing for the prediction of photovoltaic energy generation, PNIII-TE, 2020-2022 (M. Frincu)

COCO – Adaptivity in Continuum Computing: from Cloud to Edge, PNIII-PCE, 2021-2023 (D. Petcu)

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