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Permanent Staff


Research topics

Cosmin Bonchis

Information theory, Membrane computing, Parallel and distributed computing

Mihai Chis

Group theory; Computational algebra

Adrian Craciun

Automated reasoning

Cristian Cira

HPC, Blockchain, Computer Architecture

Mircea Dragan

Computational geometry

Ioan Dragan

Cloud Computing, Formal Verification, First-Order Logic, Automated Theorem Proving

Isabela Dramnesc

Automated Reasoning, Algorithm Synthesis

Madalina Erascu

Distributed (Cloud) Computing, Formal Verification, Automated Theorem Proving, Symbolic Computation (Computer Algebra)

Marc Frincu

Cloud computing; Tasks scheduling; Big Data

Fortis Teodor Florin

Workflows; web technologies; Ontologies

Mihail Gaianu

Computational geometry; Image processing

Victoria Iordan

Mathematical models in flight control; Workflows; Ontologies

Gabriel Istrate

Combinatorical and game-theoretic models in theoretical computer science; Computational complexity; Combinatorial models of complex systems

Gabriel Iuhasz

Multiagent systems; Video games

Eva Kaslik

Differential equations with fractional order; Delayed differential equations; Neural networks dynamics; Mathematical models in biology;

Mircea Marin

Declarative programming; Automated reasoning; Formal languages; Computer Algebra; Multiagent systems

Liviu Mafteiu Scai

Parallel computing, Numerical methods, Metaheuristics

Flavia Micota

Evolutionary computing, Bio-inspired metaheuristics

Stelian Mihalas

Number theory; Graph theory

Cristina Mindruta

Workflows; Web services; Ontologies

Marian Neagul

Big data; Cloud computing; Satellite image processing; Machine learning

Viorel Negru

Intelligent systems; Multi-agent systems

Darian Onchis

Signal and image processing; Bioinformatics; Machine learning

Silviu Panica

Distributed Computing, Grid Computing, Cloud computing; High Performance Computing

Dana Petcu

Distributed computing; Grid computing; Cloud computing; Parallel computing

Daniel Pop

Knowledge discovery; Big data; High performance computing

Horia Popa

Knowledge discovery; Recommender systems

Adriana Popovici

Cellular automata

Ciprian Pungila

Intelligent systems; Anomaly detection

Monica Sancira (Tirea)

Multiagent systems; Financial modeling

Adriana Tanasie

Mathematical models in crystal growth

Daniela Zaharie

Evolutionary computing; Nature inspired metaheuristics; Machine learning; Data mining

Associated Members


Research topics

Balint Stefan

Mathematical models in nano-technology, flight control, neural networks dynamics

Jebelean Tudor

Automated Reasoning; Logic and Programming

Petre Radu

Computer vision

PhD Students

Alin Brandusescu

Game Theory; Machine Learning

Bogdan Butunoi

Computational Intelligence; Prediction Models; Monitoring Systems for Diabetes

Alina Carunta

Multi-agent systems; Complex Networks Analysis

Kristijan Cincar

Multi-agent systems; e-Health Systems

Daniela Cojocaru

Urban Planning; Data Mining; Metaheuristics

Roxana Dogaru

Knowledge Discovery; Medical Data Analysis

Alexandru Ionascu

Computer Vision; Machine Learning

Todor Ivascu

Multi-agent Systems; e-Health Systems; Machine Learning

Ciprian Jichici

Knowledge Discovery; Cloud Computing

Emanuela Mafteiu

Metaheuristic Algorithms

Alexandru Meca

Remote Sensing; Geographical Information Systems

Kristian Miok

Biostatistics; Bayesian neural networks; Prediction Models

Madalina Mitran

Stochastic Optimization; Metaheuristics

Marius Penteliuc

Cloud Computing; Image Processing

Mihai Plesu

Analysis of Biological Networks; Bioinformatics

Marco Radovancovici


Mario Reja

Data Compression; Pattern Matching; High Performance Computing

Florin Rosu

Parallel Computing

Teodora Selea

Deep Neural Networks; Semantic Segmentation; Satellite Image Processing

Florin Spataru

Distributed Computing; Scheduling Algorithms

Sebastian Stefaniga

Image Processing; High Performance Computing

Carmen Terei

Distributed Computing

Thuy Trieu

Cloud Computing

Sorin Valcan

Computer Vision; Machine Learning

Cristian Vladu

Knowledge Discovery; Ensemble Models; Multi-label Classification

Master students

Ioan Cristian Schuszter (former)

Deep Learning; Natural Language Processing

Anca Vulpe (former)

Cloud computing; algorithm analysis (Mathlib4Space project)

Former Members

Alexander Agathos

Parallel processing; Hyperspectral image processing; 3D Object segmentation; Surface reconstruction

Liliana Braescu

Mathematical models in crystal growth and biological processes

Ciprian Craciun

Cloud computing

Stefan Maruster

Computational mathematics; Numerical computing

Victor-Ion Munteanu

Multi-agent systems; Cloud computing

Calin Sandru

Intelligent systems

Former PhD Students

Irina Artinescu

Computational Mathematics; Image Processing

Andrada Baban

Parallel Computing; Image Processing

Ioan Bistran

Computational Mathematics

Calin Cornigeanu

Parallel Computing; Machine Learning

Iulian Curcuianu

Cloud Computing

Marcela Farcasescu

Cloud Computing

Adriana Iliasa

Machine Learning; Big Data

Bogdan Irimie

Cloud Computing

Lucian Luca

Intelligent Systems

Dong Nguyen

Cloud Computing; Big Data; Machine Learning

Liviu Oana

Numerical Modelling; High Performance Computing

Gheorghe Petrov

Data Mining

Aurelian Radoaca

Automated Reasoning

Ioan Rotar

Cloud Computing

Doru Rotovei

Machine Learning; Multi-Agent Systems; CRM systems

Roxana Sichitiu

Cloud Computing; Computational Astrophysics

E-mail addresses of current members: name.surname@e-uvt.ro

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