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Current Projects

International Projects

InnoHPC – High Performance Computing for effective innovation in the Danube region, EU InterReg, 2017-2019

http://lmtgroup.eu/home/en/?portfolio=govein-european-project-implementation-of-the-european-electronic-invoice-within-the-public-health-area GOVeIn - European Invoicing Project: implementation of the European electronic invoice within the Public Health area, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), 2016-2017

SESAME Net - Supercomputing Expertise for Small And Medium Enterprises, H2020-EINFRA, 2015-2017

VI-SEEM - a unified Virtual Research Environment for South Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, H2020-EINFRA, 2015-2017

Mathlib4Space - PreQualification of a Mathematical Library for Flight Software, ESA project, 2016-2018

PATHFINDER - Pathfinder assessment for regional high volume data access, processing and information service delivery platforms, ESA project, 2016-2018