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'''EMaCS''' - European Master in Computer Science, EU Lifelong Learning Programme, 2007-2010

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''' Ukraine ''' ''' Ukraine ''' -

Current Projects

International Projects

SPRERS - Strengthening the Participation of Romania at European R&D in Software Services, FP7-CSA, 2010-2011,

InfraGrid – Service oriented Grid Infrastructure, EU Structural funds, 2009-2011

SEE-Grid-Sci – SEE Grid Infrastructure for Regional eScience, FP7-eRI, 2007-2010

EGEE-III – Enabling Grids for eScience, FP7 INFSO RI, 2008-2010

EMaCS - European Master in Computer Science, EU Lifelong Learning Programme, 2007-2010

Bilateral Projects

Sci Com - Scientific Computing Platform. Bilateral project Romania-Austria, 2009-2010

Ukraine -

National Projects

Asistsys – Integrated System of Assistance for Patients with Severe Neuromotor Affections, RO-PNII, 2008-2011

SCIPA – Semantic Software Services for Collaboration and Inter-operability for Adaptive Business Processes, RO-PNII, 2008-2011

Pegaf – Grid-based experimental platform for developing applications based on workflows and with dynamic allocation of resources, RO-PNII, 2007-2010

Sipadoc – Integrated System for the Digitization and Capitalization of the Document’s Cultural Patrimony, RO-PNII, 2007-2010

NatComp – New Natural Computing Models in the Study of Complexity, RO-PNII, 2007-2010

NASR - Mathematical and computational modelling of crystal growth processes based on capillarity, Research Project Code 19550 PK, 2009-2010

NURC - Modeling of the Dewetted Bridgman crystal growth process - control of the monocrystal shape and dopant distribution, Research Project ID_131, 2009-2011

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