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'''HOST''' - High Performance Computing Service Centre, FP7 REGPOT-2011-1, 2012-2014
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'''SCAPE''' – Scalability in preservation environments, FP7, 2013-2014

'''EGI-Inspire''' - Integrated Sustainable Pan European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe, FP7-RI, 2010-2014

Current Projects

International Projects

Cross-Border Projects

CBIES - Improving the capability of the Romanian and Serbian authorities of reacting in emergency situations, Romania-Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Priority axis no. 2, Measure no. 2.3, 2013-2014

National Projects

AMICAS - Automated Management in Cloud and Sky Computing Environments, RO-PNII-ID-PCE, 2012-2015

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